What are the benefits to mobile grooming?

Mobile grooming holds a standard all its own. It is very different than stationary grooming salons, as mobile brings the entire salon to your front door! With Classy Clipper, there is no need to hook up to the customer's home, or use any of their utilities. The prices are always higher with a mobile groomer because you get the special one-on-one treatment, no kennel time for your pet(s), front door service for your pet and your lifestyle needs, and a focused and dedicated groomer who's primary concern is based on accommodating each client's requests. Furthermore, since I am "all inclusive", services that are considered "add on's" at a stationary service, come standard with every package associated with Classy Clipper; this includes teeth brushing, nail filing and paw pad moisturizer. 


Do I have to be home when you groom my pet?

For our first visit, yes, you must be present the first time I come to your home or office. After the initial visit I will work out an arrangement with you to groom your pet when you are not home if that is more convenient for you. 


My dog is kind of cranky and not very well behaved. Will you be able to groom him? 

There isn’t much I haven’t seen or dealt with. I see all dogs as potential friends. Most dogs with behavioral issues are just scared and with care and compassion, a new friendship can blossom. If your dog’s issues are especially time consuming, there might be a small "cranky friend" handling fee. 


Is there anything that I need to do at my location for you to groom my pet?
Please allow your pet to go out for a potty break before I arrive.

If possible, please do not feed your pet within an hour before I arrive.

Inspect your location and identify the best parking and entering and exiting route so that my van does not interfere

with buildings, vehicles etc. Also, I need a flat place to perform my services, so your pup isn't scared on a table that is at an angle!

If you live in a gated community or other arrangement where security must be notified, please do so.


How long does the grooming take?

Most grooms are finished in 1.5 to 2 hours. Occasionally, more or less depending on the pet, condition of coat and temperament.

What is a De-shed Treatment?

Four-step process specially designed to remove large amounts of dead fur and undercoat. 

The shampoo, conditioner, and finishing spray used in this process are the best available products designed to loosen dead fur and undercoat so that I can remove much more than I would otherwise be able to.  This process results in a much healthier, lighter, fresh coat.  Shedding will not be eliminated, but it will be significantly reduced.  Your results will improve each time I do this treatment.

How often should I have my pet groomed?

As I make routes and have to keep to them, to utilize my services, I require a maintenance grooming schedule of every 4-8 weeks. With regular grooming, your pet’s coat will stay in good shape, shedding is reduced, fleas and ticks can be better controlled and your pet will just look and feel better.