Leave it to the experts to give your dog a professional bath (yes, that is a thing)! Each and every pup is bathed TWICE with my top-of-the-line, luxurious shampoos with a hydro-surge system to gently massage the dirt and grime off your pup, followed by a blow out and brush out. With my hydro-surge bathing system, it gets deep into the coat and skin to release dead coat and skin cells to provide a long lasting clean and scent! I do not charge extra for de-sheds; my full service grooms are all-inclusive, knowing that each pup needs to get out all of that extra coat and dander each time they visit the groomer in order to make room for new growth, naturally.


    For my scheduled customers, I provide bath packages in between de-sheds and haircuts to keep a constant clean and brush out. Once you're on a schedule of every 4-8 weeks, its much easier and healthier for your pup to keep up with the constant new growth in their coat.


    Each pet is treated as if they were my own. I understand the anxiety involved for both parent and pup when it comes to grooming & I strive to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with both parties.  


    You will get a consultation EVERYTIME I come to your home. I also keep detailed grooming notes in an effort to give you the perfect haircut based on your lifestyle needs in addition to notes on the needs of the pup as well.


    Please see my "Full Service Groom Prices" tab and scroll below for details on prices and what is included in my house-call services!


Full Service Groom

  •  One-on-one consultation 

  • High quality shampoos and conditioner

  •  De-shed OR Haircut

  •  Ears cleaned

  •  Nails filed

  •  Spa bath with soothing massage 

  •  High velocity drying/Fluff Dry

  •  Cologne

  •  Teeth brushing/Breath Spray  

  •  Paw Pad Moisturizer

  • Anal gland expression by request only

  • Bow tie

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 9.46.59 PM.png

A' La Cart

  • Nail and Ear Care Package-                                   $40                                  Includes nails cut and dremeled, ears cleaned, cologne and bow tie. Appointments made for the last Friday of every month. At each stop: first pup is $40; each additional pup is $20  



At Classy Clipper Mobile Grooming, all grooming prices are based on breed, coat type and condition of the coat, and services provided. These services include the convenience factor, in addition to all of my expenses as a business owner and operator.  As a certified groomer, my education and experience are reflected in my prices as well. My base price for small dogs ranges from $75-$90. Larger pups will be more. To get a more customized price, please call or text at 530-786-3753.


     Please note, matting in a few spots will be a $5 extra charge as it is very time consuming and painful for your pet to brush out. Severe matting will NOT be brushed out. In these instances, I will shave it off as I am a firm believer in humanity over vanity. De-matting a dog can be very painful and will make future visits very discouraging for them; rather than it becoming an enjoyable experience.



My Service Area

Classy Clipper services the areas of Penn Valley, Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Auburn, CA