A Blessing in Disguise.

August 25 was a very hard day. But after almost 5 weeks, things are finally starting to really look up. My husband and I took a plunge and bought my first grooming trailer in November of 2016. I love grooming and to be honest, I "crave" it and miss it when I am in a position where I cannot. I find all kinds of reasons to groom my pups in those times...like now. We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a mutt we had picked up in Slovakia in 2014 who basically looks like an Australian Kelpie (a cattle dog); so needless to say, all they need is brushing, baths, nails dremeled and ears cleaned. But my poor babies suffer and get groomed more than normal when I am away from the opportunity to groom. Anyhow, on our wide road (wide enough for a Toyota Tundra to make a U-turn) on August 25, while my truck and trailer were parked on the side of the road right in front of our house, another car had hit and totaled my truck and trailer. Everyone seems to hug our side of the road for whatever reason, and that day, my entire business was taken out in a matter of seconds. I had just had corrective surgery on my foot less than 24 hours before, so this was yet another blow; increasing my down time and losing income for my family.

With my foot throbbing, I wheel myself outside on my scooter and attempt to take in the entire sight sitting outside of my home. My husband was at the store with our youngest son and all I could think about was him getting home and losing his mind. I had no idea what to say to the teenager who just completely took out my business and livelihood. Even with so much worry about how my husband would handle the situation when he saw it, he reacted with so much more poise than I could. He made sure the "kid" understood exactly what he did. After the initial shock wore off and the sobbing from the teen subsided, he took him around the truck and trailer and basically gave him a "lesson" on what happened with the intent that he learns from this and never does this again. As the last 4 weeks had gone on, we had dealt with insurance companies and going through the damage inside the trailer where all of my equipment had been thrown all over. For a professional groomer who spends on average about $130 per pair of shears (scissors), $30 per blade, $50-$100 on brushes/combs, etc. over the course of 11 years, seeing them all over the floor will make your heart sink and weep. That is exactly what I did when I saw the inside of my trailer. It is actually interesting...my husband immediately reflected on the fact of "Had you been inside..." while I was seeing "OMG my equipment...!". While we were waiting for the insurance to find out everything they needed to, we decided to look into another option since my husband was now very uncomfortable to put me back into a trailer; we began looking at vans instead. We decided on a company who was reputable and much more professional than the last company I bought my trailer from. Wagn Tails so far has been incredible and easy to work with. I was able to pick out many options for the van which will make my job and life easier while I work, and I could not be happier with our choice so far. I am hoping that once it arrives, we will still feel the same way. My poor clients have been waiting so patiently while we have gone through this mess and I couldn't be happier to embark on this new way of bringing an all inclusive service to my clients!!

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