You Know You're a Groomer When...

Truth in every word.

You know you're a groomer when... You pull out your wallet at the grocery store and toe nails fall out You use dog conditioning spray to detangle your own hair Someone asks what smells like pee....and it's you! You can't look at a dog without judging their haircut You see a dog on tv and can't help but look at how long the nails are You tweeze hair splinters every night as part of your bedtime routine You run out of human shampoo but you have dog shampoo so it's NBD You pick the eye gunk out of the eyes of every dog you meet You don't complain about the smell of anal glands You lean down to pet a dog and instinctively feel for matts You're thankful the blood on the white dog you're grooming is from you! You use dog cologne when you have to run errands after work The hairs you pluck from your nipples are not yours You don't think twice about picking up dog poop with one hand while eating a sandwich with the other You find poop in your pocket and just shrug it off There's dog hair on your food but you eat it anyway You're grooming your significant other and hold them by the chin. (and you refer to trimming your boyfriend's beard as people grooming) You shave your legs with a 40 blade and velocity dry your hair after washing it in the dog tub You wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you forgot to trim Fluffy's nails I stole this from a blog someone shared with me and I giggled at every one I read. Love it! 

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